Martyna Kuligowska BRIDAL
Makeup Artist

“Beauty is power, and makeup is something that really enhances that; it’s a woman’s secret.” – Charlotte Tilbury

Briefly about me

My name is Martyna Kuligowska. I have been a certified makeup artist since 2018. I have completed a professional makeup course in Pro Makeup Academy in Warsaw in Poland. This is an extremely prestigious academy with the highest standards. The wealth of knowledge and skills that I acquired have added to my confidence and professionalism.


Have you ever thought about commissioning a professional makeup artist for your DREAM DAY?
My mission is to make you feel pampered and totally relaxed on the most important day of your life. I take care of every little detail for you: your test makeup, your accessories, the correction kit. I conduct detailed makeup interviews to ensure you have no makeup worries on your wedding day.
Professionalism is my middle name.
In wedding makeup, I focus primarily on lightness, freshness and subtlety.
As a professional makeup artist, I do my utmost to make you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world on THIS IMPORTANT DAY. After all, you are the focal point of everyone’s attention and of the greatest interest.


Do you want to learn how to apply makeup on yourself correctly? Do you want to know what beauty type you are? Do you want to learn how to model your face and eye correctly?
This course is intended not only for people who have no knowledge or experience in the field of makeup but also for those who are at a more advanced level. The course is tailored to you as an individual and focusses upon your needs. We explore the secrets of makeup and you will learn to enhance your beauty quickly and effectively, and also how to save time and money. The course is informed by a wealth of knowledge and practical elements account for around 90% of the content. Theory is kept to a minimum and is always accompanied by practical exercises.
On successful completion, participants are awarded a beautifully-framed certificate and a gift in the form of cosmetics for daily use.


Want a smokey eye makeup look? Interested in special occasion makeup? Or maybe makeup for wedding or business photo sessions?
In addition to wedding makeup, I also offer makeup services for special occasions and for photo sessions.
My bespoke services are all tailored in accordance with the event, beauty type, personality and individual preferences.


Do you have unruly eyebrows? Are they not as manageable as you would like and would you like to tame them? Do you want to thicken and curl your eyelashes in the most natural and less invasive way?
Eyebrow lamination – an innovative treatment lending perfect shape to your eyebrows whilst nourishing them at the same time! Lamination corrects unruly hair which grows downwards or irregularly and which is difficult to tidy up.
Eyelash lift – a procedure for lifting and curling eyelashes, which gives a long-lasting and natural effect. It is recommended for women whose eyelashes are thin and sparse.
Woman getting tweezing eyebrow