Bridal makeup offer


Wedding makeup includes elements of day, evening and photo makeup.
It must look good in the daylight, artificial light and in pictures.
It is adapted to the preferences of the bride, her personality and her physical traits.

The colours in this type of makeup are not very marked and perfectly match the bride’s beauty and wedding accessories. The most common colours here are neutral colours such as browns, beiges, and pinks but also purples, gold and green.
The most important elements are:
This makeup emphasizes the freshness of the skin and its appearance. It is subtle and radiant. It is worth using stronger face contouring here because the camera can distort colors and highlight shortcomings.
I am talking here about keeping the proportions in balance so that the makeup looks great in photos, without creating a mask effect in daylight.
Wedding makeup plays the most important role after the dress. We therefore pamper the bride in every way.
With each makeup commission, I attach individual eyelashes that optically lift the eye and enlarge it. The lashes look natural and they are comfortable to wear. Their length can be adjusted according to the structure of the eye and individual preferences.
The brands I work with include: Too Faced, Estee Lauder, Mac, Dior, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Laura Mercier, Makeup Atelier, Inglot, Bperfect, Tarte, Plouise, Sensai, Kat Von D, Affect, Huda Beauty, Zoeva, Morphe, Missha, Kryolan, Clarins, YSL, Fenty Beauty, Arbonne, Becca, Benefit, Maybelline, Nyx, Luxury Lashes.

As a professional makeup artist, I do my utmost to make the bride feel like the most beautiful woman in the world on THIS IMPORTANT DAY.
After all, she is the focal point of everyone’s attention and of the greatest interest.

As part of the makeup commission, I provide each bride with a practical makeup kit in a bag:


An important consideration in preparing for the wedding is an initial bridal makeup trial. As a makeup artist, I cannot imagine a commission without a trial first.
During the consultation, we determine the colours and intensity of the makeup. We define your beauty type. We select the appropriate care and colour cosmetics according to your skin type.
After the initial consultaion and makeup trial, you have time to check:
During the makeup trial, you will have time in the day to check your makeup in daylight, artifical light and in photos. There is then still time for potential changes.
Remember that this is your BIG DAY and you should feel very special. The trial makeup is very important as all the attention will be focussed on you and on your appearance.
As a makeup artist, I know what to expect on your wedding day and take care of every little makeup detail for you. The makeup takes less time, is performed according to the basic rules and without unecessary stress.

Makeup and moisturising the skin

During the bridal makeup trial, I pay great attention to the condition of your skin. How your makeup looks and lasts will depend on your skincare routine. In case of need, I can advise what steps should be taken.
After the trial makeup, each bride receives a moisturising mask that moisturises the skin.
Remember that for makeup to look great and stay looking great, you need proper care tailored to your skin type. Moisturise the skin daily and use exfoliating scrubs. This will greatly help the skin to look good and improve its appearance.

I send you a message on how to take care of your facial skin in just a few simple steps.

When to arrange a bridal makeup trial

It is best to make an appointment two months in advance, when all the details of the wedding (dress, accessories, flowers) have been finalised. You can also arrange a trial on the day you try on your wedding dress or on the day of a trial hairstyle. Then you will have full insight into what you will look like on your wedding day.
Of course, nothing prevents you from arranging a trial beforehand. It all depends on your preferences.

What to wear for the trial wedding makeup

Wear what you feel comfortable in but in a colour similar to the colour of the wedding dress (white, ecru) and preferably with an open neckline. The neckline is illuminated.
Wedding makeup duration: 60-90 minutes
Weding makeup trial duration: 90-120 minutes

I do makeup trials Monday to Friday.